25 juin 2015

La mer anglophone

Échos fraternels américains. 

David Vermette publiait hier sur sa page FB le fleur de lysée québécois avec le commentaire suivant 
« Today is la Fête Nationale du Québec. French-Canadians and Franco-Americans throughout North America also celebrate it as la St-Jean Baptiste. Bonne fête à tout le monde !
We’ve heard a lot about flags this week. I’m not a flag waver by inclination so why do I display this flag today? What does it mean to me?
With malice toward none, with charity toward all, it means that I support the right of Québec and all North America’s Francophone and Franco-gene peoples to defend our language and mores against cultural hegemony. It means opposition to empires and their colonial wars. It is a bulwark against monoculture and the Wal-Martization of North America. It means that great empires do not get to declare arbitrarily which ethnic groups are “superior” to which and therefore which ones are to be assimilated deliberately to the dominant culture “for their own good” (cf. Durham Report, 1839).
It means that there remains some corner of North America where people pronounce my name correctly, and understand my family’s history, and where the proper names found in our histories and geographies evoke more than a blank look. It means that all who struggled for all of these reasons above over a period of centuries did not struggle in vain. We honor what is honorable, correct what is correctable, and remember what is memorable. »

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